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DRC 5 Mile Race

11 Feb

This past saturday I participated in the Dallas Running Club’s 5 Mile Age Handicapped race.  What is an age handicapped race you ask? I was unfamilliar as well…basically they started everyone staggered based on their age group, and the first 50 people got a medal. It was kinda redic because for the first 15 minutes, they were calling out age groups that didn’t have any participants (ie: 90 year olds). I ended up going inside the pavillian and buying some much needed running club shirts.  So finally, at 8:26 my age group (Women 21-34) was called and I set off on 5 miles at White Rock Lake.

Chilly morning at White Rock Lake

I had participated in a similar race with the running club back in September. It wasn’t age handicapped, but it was the same 5 mile course:


Since that was a good 5 months back, I was hoping to improve my time since I have been training for the upcoming Cowtown Half Marathon. My Previous time was 51:37:

September 2011

and on Saturday I finished in 47:30:


Mission accomplished! I shaved about 4 minutes off! I was super excited!!! I was also proud that I was able to hold a 9:30 pace! Tomorrow is the Hot Chocolate 15k. I am excited because it fit into my training program perfectly! My schedule called for a 9 mile run, so I figured it was ok to throw in an extra .3 for the sake of some chocolate fondue and brunch with some of my favorite ladies afterwards!  Now I am off to pick up my race packet, and get some pre-race margaritas – don’t judge! 🙂