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Groundhog’s Day

2 Feb

Happy Groundhog’s Day!  The verdict is in…and its 6 more weeks of “winter”. 

Honey Badger don't give a S#%@

Well considering we really haven’t had winter here in Dallas, I am not sure what to think!  Today marks the anniversary of the “Dallas Snow-mageddon” week that made us look like idiots to the rest of the country while hosting the Super Bowl. 

The Almighty Frozen Acorn

I got a legit tan that week.My first snow angel!

What is the weather like today you ask? 

Could use some sunshine...but just right!

Break out the flip flops!!  So if  “6 more weeks of winter” means weather like today…sign me up!  Although, my large collection of scarves will be very sad to not get some additional mileage on them this season.  😦  But after last year’s ordeal…I would be ok with not seeing snow in Dallas ever again!!

Where is that anyway??
 P.S.  Did you know that Punxsutawney Phil is really into social media??