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Spicy Ketchup

15 Feb

So I finally tried the new Whataburger Spicy Ketchup today! Sadly, it did not hold up to its expectation! It mainly tasted like ketchup mixed with to tabasco thanks! I’ll stick with my regular Whataburger ketchup + pepper! :). Happy Wednesday!



DRC 5 Mile Race

11 Feb

This past saturday I participated in the Dallas Running Club’s 5 Mile Age Handicapped race.  What is an age handicapped race you ask? I was unfamilliar as well…basically they started everyone staggered based on their age group, and the first 50 people got a medal. It was kinda redic because for the first 15 minutes, they were calling out age groups that didn’t have any participants (ie: 90 year olds). I ended up going inside the pavillian and buying some much needed running club shirts.  So finally, at 8:26 my age group (Women 21-34) was called and I set off on 5 miles at White Rock Lake.

Chilly morning at White Rock Lake

I had participated in a similar race with the running club back in September. It wasn’t age handicapped, but it was the same 5 mile course:


Since that was a good 5 months back, I was hoping to improve my time since I have been training for the upcoming Cowtown Half Marathon. My Previous time was 51:37:

September 2011

and on Saturday I finished in 47:30:


Mission accomplished! I shaved about 4 minutes off! I was super excited!!! I was also proud that I was able to hold a 9:30 pace! Tomorrow is the Hot Chocolate 15k. I am excited because it fit into my training program perfectly! My schedule called for a 9 mile run, so I figured it was ok to throw in an extra .3 for the sake of some chocolate fondue and brunch with some of my favorite ladies afterwards!  Now I am off to pick up my race packet, and get some pre-race margaritas – don’t judge! 🙂

Happy and Sad

8 Feb

I always feel like I really want coffee when I am already in a hyper/happy mood. After finishing off my Keurig Cappuccino just as I exited for my office, I decided I wanted more of a java buzz so I rolled into Starbucks.

I only got a tall since it was my 2nd drink of the morning (usually I make fun of people who only get talls – weaksauce). I was pleasantly surprised when I was greeted with such a “loving” cup ‘o joe:


🙂 I love holiday themed cups! I wish they would have busted them out sooner! They need to make some lucky St. Pattys cups!

My happiness buzz (or maybe it was just the caffeine from my 1st coffee) was killed a little bit when I got to my desk and realized my skinny caramel macchiato got jipped!!!


Oh well…I will just have to go a few more times this week to take advantage of the pretty VDay cups! 🙂