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2 Jun

Two posts in a day??? W:-OW (wow face, duh). I began “Photo A Day June” today, and thought today’s pic deserved a story:


Why the crushed red pepper and parmesan cheese packets on my doorstep you ask? About 3 weekends ago, one of my oldest (as in length of friendship, duh) and best friends, Rebecca, came to Dallas to visit.


We hit up the usual bars, sang some karaoke (or at least I did!), and worked up a late night appetite so we headed to the pizza place down the street from my apartment. I told her that I NEVER actually purchase pizza there, it just kinda happens that I get some (that’s a totally different story!). Just as I suspected, we ended up meeting some randoms who offered up their pizza pie for sharing! SCORE!

While we feasted I found out these dudes lived in my apartment building so we walked back with them and ended up having a late night dance/sing-a-long party in their apartment…I know what you are thinking…”This sounds like the shady beginning to a horror film, Janice!”. But no worries – the only reasons I allowed this to happen were:

1. I was fairly confidant I could fight these them off if things got weird.
2. They were born in 1989 so I felt like I had some sort of power over their youth.
3. I was kinda drunk.

Well after the dance/sing-a-long party (which included renditions of “Call Me Maybe”, “A Whole New World”, and “Walking on Broken Glass”…just to name a few) Rebecca and I went back to my place, unharmed. That’s all you really ask for after entering into a random strangers apartment right?


The next day I received texts from the guy I saved in my phone as Don “Call Me Maybe” (shouting out to his signature song which he performed at least 3 times) telling me I left about 20 crushed red pepper packets (stolen from the pizza place of course) on his couch. My first instinct was “Dammit, I wanted those for my lean cuisines!”. Well low and behold, they got returned to me Monday morning when I opened my door to leave for work.

Since then, my little dancing elf (as I adoringly call him now him since he leaves me presents in the night) has left me green tea bags, parmesan cheese, and the mixture you see above (which I was greeted with this morning). Pretty random story, but it made me laugh this morning and ended up making day 1 of “Photo a Day June” a pretty funny story (and lit a fire under my uninspired to blog butt!)

Ps this post was entirely published via my iPhone! My laptop recently broke, and I am in the market for a new one. Which leads me to the great debate – PC or Mac?


Photo a Day May – fail

1 Jun

I attempted to participate in the “Photo A Day May” challenge many other bloggers and tweeters were doing and got really into it…at first. 😦


After 15 days I don’t know what happened, but I just stopped doing it! I really enjoyed the half that I did do so I figured I would share them anyways:






I vow to try harder for Photo A Day June, and I apologize that the sizing/layout of these photos is pretty jacked up. Someone teach me how to be a decent blogger please????

Next up – “Photo A Day June”!