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I finally did it!

27 Jan


I have been contemplating starting a blog for quite a while now.  My main problem was I couldn’t decide on a title!  I would pick one and then decide 5 min later that it was stupid and then just stop thinking about blogging.  Recently I started to think about it again and came up with Margaritas & Mischief and I haven’t decided it was stupid yet so maybe it will stick! 🙂  I figured it was a cute representation of my life. 

Margaritas & Mischief...enough said.

I also plan to blog about shopping, fashion, running, cooking, awesome deals, self pics in the car, and anything else going on in my life!  I wanted a blog where I could document my life experiences and connect with other bloggers!  Stay tuned… 🙂

BoGo Margs in Mexico...told you I love a deal!

Yes, I take pics in my car.

My partners in crime/first ever best friends/cousins! 🙂

Disclaimer – I am by no means a writer, I haven’t taken an english class since English 4 dual credit in high school, I overuse ellipsis, and my spelling is sub par.  With that said…sorry for any grammatical faux pas you may encounter on this blog! 🙂

Don’t be that guy. He sucks.